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Information requirements according to insurance supervision


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Duty to provide information pursuant to Article 45 ISA (Insurance Supervision Act)

Pursuant to Art. 45 (1) ISA, as soon as we contact you, we must inform you of the following:

  • our identity and the address;
  • our activity as broker and mandate holder, whereby we are in a financially and economically unbound relationship with insurance companies and are committed to the exclusive duty of loyalty towards you as our client;
  • the way you can find out about the professional qualifications of our employees, as well as their training and development;
  • who can be held liable for the negligence, errors or incorrect information in connection with the mediation activity;
  • the processing of personal data, in particular the aim, purpose, scope and recipients of the data as well as their storage.

Right to cancel a contract that has been concluded in accordance with Art. 2a of the Insurance Contract Act (VVG):

The policyholder can revoke his application to conclude the contract or the declaration of acceptance. The revocation period is 14 days and begins as soon as you have applied for or accepted the contract. The revocation does not have to be in writing, but merely in a form that allows proof by text, i.e. also e-mails (but also SMS, WhatsApp, etc. are sufficient). Injured third parties can assert claims against the insurance company in good faith despite a revocation. In these cases, however, the policyholder owes the premium.

Education, training and professional qualifications

Pursuant to ISA Art. 43, we are obliged to provide our employees with regular training and further education to enable them to perform their duties. For this purpose, we have a comprehensive employee promotion and development program which attaches great importance to the provision of professional qualifications. We also confirm that we meet all the requirements laid down by the Federal Council for the training and further education of insurance intermediaries, although there are no appropriate minimum standards.

Pursuant to ISA Art. 45 para. 1, subpara. c., we are also obliged to inform you about how you can find out about the professional qualifications of our employees.

We hereby confirm on our own behalf and on behalf of all employees that we:

  • We will inform you transparently about the training status of each individual employee at all times;
  • Show you the professional qualifications of the employee coming into contact with you by taking appropriate measures; 
  • grant you the possibility to inform yourself in detail about our training concept at any time;
  • Employees who hold a "Bachelor of Science Risk and Insurance", a diploma as a "Swiss certified insurance specialist", a higher specialist certificate as an "insurance specialist with a "Swiss federal specialist certificate", a higher professional qualification as a certified "Business Economist" with a "Federal Professional Diploma", a diploma as a "Federally Certified Fund Advisor IAF", a diploma as a "Federally Certified Financial Advisor IAF" or a diploma as a "Federally Certified Asset Manager IAF".

Here you can find the training of our mandate holders in detail

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

In accordance with VAG Art 45a, we are obliged to take appropriate organizational precautions to avoid conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of brokering insurance services or to exclude possible disadvantages that could arise for you as a result of such conflicts of interest.

We hereby confirm on our own behalf and on behalf of all internal and external employees, third parties consulted as well as executive bodies and members of the management that we, as the mandated agent, are committed exclusively to your interests and that no independent brokerage agreement within the meaning of OR 412 et seq. exists between us and the insurance companies, pension funds and other contractual partners involved. In doing so, we commit ourselves to the exclusive duty of loyalty towards you and assure that we:

  • we are not in bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings, judicial composition proceedings or liquidation, or have ceased trading, or are in a position to do so under applicable law;
  • have not been convicted by a final court decision of an offense that calls our reliability into question;
  • have not committed any serious misconduct in the course of our professional activities which is not justifiable;
  • have fulfilled our obligation to pay social security contributions, taxes or other levies in accordance with the law;
  • will provide you with correct, truthful and complete information within the scope of the mandate relationship;
  • have not been the subject of a judgment which has the force of res judicata for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organization or any other illegal activity detrimental to the Communities' financial interests;
  • are not subject to sanctions because we have provided incorrect or incomplete information in the performance of orders, or have committed a serious breach of contract in connection with an order or a failure to perform contractual obligations;
  • will take or disclose all precautions not to be in a conflict of interest in connection with a mandate relationship, whereby a conflict of interest could arise in particular from economic interests, political affinities or national ties, family or friendly relationships, and other ties or interests;
  • will promptly disclose to you any matter that constitutes or could give rise to a conflict of interest;
  • do not make - and will not make in the future - any offers of any kind that could promise, offer or grant an advantage;
  • neither directly nor indirectly grant, receive, attempt to receive or have accepted financial benefits or benefits in kind as an inducement or consideration for the award or acceptance of a mandate or the performance of a contract, which - directly or indirectly - are to be regarded as illegal conduct or bribery or corruptibility, and will refrain from doing so in the future;
  • have not entered into any cooperation agreements or other arrangements with any insurance company that would impair our freedom to act for other insurance companies as well, and no insurance company or person entrusted with the administration and management of the company has a stake in our company;
  • do not directly or indirectly hold more than 10 percent of the share capital of an insurance company;
  • do not employ people who hold a management position in an insurance company; or can otherwise influence the course of business of an insurance company.

Disclosure of compensation from insurance companies

For the provision of our services, we can be compensated with an administrative compensation, which is paid by the insurer. This administrative compensation is declared in its amount and nature by the following calculation parameters within the framework of the legal "disclosure obligation" according to VAG Art. 45b as follows:

  • Property, liability, cyber legal protection and transport insurance max. 15% of the invoiced net annual premium.
  • Building, security, assembly and technical insurances max. 15% of the invoiced net annual premium.
  • Equine insurance 11% of the invoiced net annual premium.
  • Motor vehicle and fleet contracts max. 10% of the invoiced net annual premium.
  • Compulsory UVG accident insurance max. 5% of the invoiced net annual premium
  • Accident supplementary insurances max. 15% of the invoiced net annual premium.
  • Daily sickness benefits insurance max. 7.5% of the invoiced net annual premium
  • Occupational pension funds and 1E contracts max. 7% of the pure risk annual premium
  • Life insurance and pension policies max. 5% of the one-off production sum calculated from premium * term in years

Due to the design or situational change of these indemnities by individual insurance companies, deviations of these calculation parameters may occur in individual cases.

Irrespective of this, however, we undertake to provide you with comprehensive and detailed information in writing at any time upon request about the current administrative fee resulting from a mandate.

In addition, our employees will always show you transparently during the consultation before taking out an insurance policy, according to the possibilities, how much the insurer's compensation will be.

If the management fees are remuneration for the provision of services for the occupational benefit scheme, we expressly confirm that we strictly refuse to accept any form of additional volume-, growth- or claims-based compensation.

In this context, we also confirm that we comply at all times with the legal requirements pursuant to Art. 48k BVV 2 and inform you at the first consultation about the nature and origin of all management fees.

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