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Entrepreneurs always operate in a constantly changing risk environment. In order to exploit the entrepreneurial room for maneuver, companies should know their risks precisely, consciously define how to deal with them, and control and constantly monitor the consequences. For companies, it is therefore elementary and essential to protect themselves against substantial risks.

An optimal insurance solution can only be successfully implemented if one really knows exactly the various risks to which a company is exposed. The ABES Zurich AG team identifies, analyzes and evaluates these in advance in order to ensure optimally coordinated insurance protection.

As a pioneer in the insurance industry, we offer an innovative overall solution that optimally encompasses the individuality of your company as well as your industry.

We also support you in the event of a claim with complex questions and represent your interests with the insurer. As an unaffiliated broker, we can fully commit ourselves to you.

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Property insurance

D&O directors' and officers' liability insurance

Liability insurance

Assembly and technical insurance

Motor vehicle fleet insurance

Personal insurance

Logistics & Transport

Cyber insurance

Legal protection insurance

Our special solutions

As a pioneer in the insurance industry, we not only offer innovative overall solutions that optimally encompass the individuality of your company and your industry, but also exclusive special solutions in particular.

ABES©Aedificium construction insurance

Don't leave your construction project to chance. We offer you individual all-round protection for your construction project

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ABES©Aedificium construction insurance

Overall concepts for demanding construction projects

ABES©-Facility framework contract buildings insurance

Our framework agreement is unique and ensures a performance-oriented offer with comprehensive services

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ABES©-Facility framework contract buildings insurance

Exclusive framework agreement, especially for large buildings

ABES©-ANobAG Service

We support foreign companies and/or ANobAG in the optimal choice and organization of social insurance schemes

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ABES©ANobAG Service

Support for employers from the EU/EFTA area

ABES© deposit service

With our network, we are also able to offer individual solutions for special risks

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ABES© deposit service

Special solutions for all types of surety insurance

ABES©Aedificium construction insurance

Anyone who wants to realize a construction project must deal with the various risks and the choice of a suitable insurance solution at an early stage. A construction project involves many unforeseeable risks.

Anyone who builds a structure is confronted with the risk that the constructed items may be damaged or destroyed even before use begins. The builder can also be held liable for damage caused by construction activity (for example on a neighbor's property), even if he is not at fault (causal liability). He is also liable for all personal injury caused by his construction site.

You as the client, as well as all contractors involved in the construction project, such as general and total contractors, planners and architects, the construction management as well as contractors and suppliers, are collectively responsible for the success of a construction project in the same way.

And all those involved have a need for an insurance solution that is in line with the risks and the market.

Insurance for construction projects and real estate includes the following solutions:

  • Construction insurance (protection against financial consequences of construction accidents)
  • Builder's liability insurance: assumption of the builder's liability for damage caused by his construction site
  • Building site policy: complete package for large construction projects

ABES Facility
Building insurance framework contract

The demand for a complex insurance solution for industrial buildings, special risks or large residential complexes has changed significantly in recent years. The market offers few alternatives and the products on offer are often unable to meet requirements. Our solution closes this gap and is aimed primarily at institutional investors, owners of large real estate portfolios or individual buildings and selected residential properties.

What is a framework contract for buildings insurance?

A framework contract is a customized insurance solution that covers a large number of buildings under a single contract. This not only enables cost-efficient premiums, but also offers comprehensive all-risk protection for various types of investment property, be it residential buildings, apartment buildings, commercial properties or mixed-use properties.

  • Comprehensive protection: Our framework contract is designed as an all-risk solution and offers comprehensive protection against risks such as water, fire, earthquakes, glazing, building services, environmental insurance, rental income, etc., which are particularly relevant for rented properties.
  • Individual adjustments: The DNA of each real estate portfolio is unique, our framework contract allows the insurance solution to be individually adapted to specific needs in order to ensure tailor-made protection. Although the individual buildings are integrated into a framework contract, it is still possible to address individual risks. If necessary, certain requirements can be added or excluded. Only your needs and requirements are decisive.
  • Cost efficiency: By bundling various investment properties under one contract, we can offer cost-efficient premiums without compromising on insurance cover.
  • Service and support: Our team is always on hand to help you with questions, claims or adjustments to your insurance contract.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about our tailor-made framework contract for buildings insurance. Our experts are ready to work with you to ensure that your investments are fully protected and efficiently managed.

ANobAG in Switzerland
Social insurance and occupational benefits

Many people work in Switzerland for foreign employers, which raises complex questions about social insurance and occupational benefits (BVG). ANobAG stands for employees without an employer liable to pay contributions. This applies to people who are resident in Switzerland and work for a foreign employer who does not have a registered office in Switzerland. The compensation office classifies them as ANobAG.

Social insurance for ANobAG

According to the Federal Law on Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHVG), persons who are resident or gainfully employed in Switzerland are subject to compulsory AHV insurance. International agreements mean that employees who work in Switzerland must pay social insurance contributions here, even if their employer is based abroad.

BVG significance for ANobAG

The Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2) stipulates that employees whose foreign employers do not contribute to the AHV are not subject to compulsory BVG insurance. "Non-genuine ANobAG" (with EU/EFTA employers) must pay BVG contributions, while "genuine ANobAG" (with employers outside the EU/EFTA) often have difficulty finding suitable BVG insurance solutions with pension funds due to their reluctance to insure this group.

Individual support for ANobAG

Our services offer customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual employment relationships and needs of ANobAG. We understand the complex requirements of employers with locations outside Switzerland and provide support in finding suitable BVG insurance solutions that meet the specific requirements of ANobAG.

Contact our experts for customized advice

The issues surrounding ANobAG in Switzerland can be complex and confusing, particularly in relation to social security and occupational benefits. Our experts have many years of knowledge and experience in this specific area and are ready to guide you through these complex requirements. We offer personalized advice and solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive advice on compulsory social insurance in Switzerland.
  • Support in the selection and implementation of suitable BVG insurance solutions.
  • Individual support and customized solutions that meet your specific situations and requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed and personalized advice. Our experts are ready to support you and ensure that your insurance and pension needs are optimally covered.

ABES construction guarantee and deposit

ABES Group AG is at your side to provide financial security for your construction projects. We offer comprehensive support in the entire area of construction guarantees and sureties to protect your project from financial risks.

Performance bond

Does your client want to be sure that you will fulfill your contractual obligations? Whether it's defective deliveries or delays - with a performance bond, you can effectively protect yourself and your customer.

Why a performance bond?

  • Conserve liquidity: Protect your financial resources by using a guarantee instead of a direct deposit.
  • Build trust: Show your customer the security of a reputable insurance company or bank.
  • Risk protection: In the event of non-fulfillment of the contract, your client receives the corresponding guarantee amount.
  • Order security: Increase your chances of winning the order by offering additional security.


Down payment guarantee

Your financial security for down payments

Have you received a large order and need a down payment from your customer? A down payment guarantee offers you and your customer security and trust.

Why a down payment guarantee?

  • Building trust: Offer your customer the security of a reputable insurance company or bank.
  • Conditional guarantee: The guarantee expires automatically as soon as you have completed the order.
  • Protect your liquidity: Protect your financial resources by using a guarantee as security for the down payment.


Work guarantee

A works guarantee, also known as construction guarantee insurance, ensures that the guaranteed defects are rectified in the event of a tradesman's insolvency. For the phase after completion of the construction work, building owners often demand a work guarantee from tradesmen. Insurers offer them in the form of a joint and several guarantee.

How does a work guarantee work?

The tradesman has issued the final invoice for the entire order in the amount of CHF 100,000. Before the client makes payment, he requests a guarantee to ensure that any defects are adequately compensated during the guarantee period. The insurer issues a certificate of guarantee with a guarantee sum of CHF 10,000 in favor of the client.

The work guarantee (after acceptance of the work) secures possible additional costs to rectify defects that are discovered during the guarantee period and that the contractor cannot rectify himself. According to the SIA, the guarantee must amount to 5 to 10 percent of the contract value.


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