Pension planning, pension solutions and needs analyses

Pension planning

Pension planning

Retirement planning for a carefree start to retirement

The question Annuity or capital occupies many people before retirement. Once a decision has been made, it can no longer be reversed. Therefore, it is important to make this decision well and thoughtfully.

Rising life expectancy and the low interest rate environment present pension funds with various challenges. This means that future retirees will receive lower pension benefits than those planned at the time. In order to be able to maintain the standard of living after retirement as far as possible, various precautions must be taken. Those who pay into the 3rd pillar and make voluntary pension fund purchases can improve their own pension provision and reduce their tax burden at the same time. To achieve such optimizations, it makes sense to address the issue early on. It is important to know your own starting position before retirement, to optimize your pension provision if possible and to secure your income in old age. 

Specialists know-how is in demand

With a view to your retirement, we will draw up your personal and independent income and asset planning for you and in this way work out a basis for decision-making together with you.

Our solution approach

We address your personal situation and support you in the following areas:

  • Needs analysis
  • Planning tax-advantaged measures before retirement
  • Possibilities for improving the pension situation
  • Planning for the tax-optimized withdrawal of pension assets
  • Development of a basis for decision-making on the question "Annuity or lump sum?"
  • Financial planning before and after retirement
  • Analysis of the expected consumption of assets
  • Options and consequences for early retirement

Profound knowledge around pension planning

We work with all the leading providers in the field of pension solutions, which can be used to optimize your pension situation. This allows us to provide you with a complete overview of the available solutions and their advantages and disadvantages.

Professional insurance brokerage

As a neutral, independent insurance broker, we accompany you and offer you flexible and comprehensive advice in connection with your pension planning.